ASEAN Animal Law Conference
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Our Mission:

2018 ASEAN Animal Law Conference


16 - 18 december 2018 | le meridien hotel, chiang mai thailand

The aim of this inaugural ASEAN Conference is to develop clear strategies for the implementation of best practice policies for the protection of the animals in the ASEAN context. The Conference will look at turning these policies into laws and regulations that will be promoted to national governments and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

The Conference will be held over two days, from 17-18 December 2018, with an opening reception on Sunday 16 December.


We have over 30 speakers from

16 countries, including 8 ASEAN countries.


Our Sessions:

1.             Captive Animals

2.             Wild Animals

3.             Working Animals

4.             Illegal Wildlife Trade

5.             Biosphere Protection

6.             Animal-Human Conflict

There will also be two workshops to produce a Draft Chiang Mai Declaration on Elephant Protection and also a workshop to develop the Myanmar Elephant Ecosystem Project.

This is a project to support and protect Myanmar’s 4500 working elephants currently facing threats from unemployment and significant threats to habitat. 



Our Partners

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conference fees

ASEAN Nationals Standard Rate (after September 1) = AUD $230

Non-ASEAN Nationals Standard Rate (after September 1) = AUD $350

Full Registration includes: 

  • Attendance at all conference sessions

  • Welcome reception, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

  • Conference materials


Help Us


There are two levels of support - general support and speaker support. It will cost about $600 to support a speaker with travel and accommodation to attend the Conference.   If you would like to support a speaker from a specific country to attending workshop please contact us as

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation via the University of New England please email aseananimallaw@gmail an we can provide you with a link to the University web site for tax deductible donations.